What I’ve Done

Here’s a motley assortment of clips from the past 5 or so years, ranging from my days at Flavorpill, Vayable, and, most recently, Information Management, covering the wide, wonderful world of enterprise IT. Nowadays, my writing is mostly focused on SEO analysis, POVs, BRDs, decks and lotsa witty emails. I keep on promising/threatening to write some SEO blog posts. Maybe this website is a good platform for that. In my personal time, I still like writing short stories and poetry; perhaps, I’ll unload some of those in a deep, dark corner of this site.

Without further adieu, here are some of my published clips:

Google Penguin Update: Highlights from SMX East
Catalyst Search Marketing Blog

I currently am an SEO manager at Catalyst Search Marketing. Sometimes, I write blog posts for them. This one covers SMX East, and the announcement of the latest Google Penguin update.

Open Geospatial Analytics: Aesthetics, Technology and Ethics
Information Management

Information Management is the educated reader’s choice for the latest news, commentary and feature content serving the information technology and business community.

Evening Endeavors at the Country’s Best Nighttime Sporting Spots

Flavorwire covers cultural events, art, books, music, and world news.

Be a Tourist at Home: Ideas for Extending Your Holiday

Vayable is a community marketplace where you can discover, book and offer tours, activities and unique experiences anywhere in the world.

Hill Country BBQ & Mabel’s Smokehouse

Realcity is an online magazine that’s been exploring the realities of city life since 2010.

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